The 9th Holland International Image Circuit 2014

The 9th Holland International Image Circuit 2014

Participation: The Contest will be open to all photographers, worldwide.
The Circuit will be carried out in accordance with the rules of:
FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique), Patronage
PSA (Photographic Society of America), Special Recognition
RPS (Royal Photographic Society), Patronage
UPI (United Photographers International), License
ISF (Image Without Borders), Label
Fotobond, (Dutch Federation) Auspices

Themes: CPID Open, MPID Monochrome, PTD Travel, 5 Star FIAP Catalogue.

For your agenda: Closingdate January 7th 2014

Number and size (format) works. Any participant can submit up to 4 photographs under each theme (maximum 12 photographs in 3 themes). More information will be given later on by email.

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